Here is collection of some of the poems that I wrote when I was in college ...


Love is of different kinds,
it is something which binds,
two lonely and innocent minds,
but it is something one rarely finds.

Love has no age,
to measure it - no meter or gauge,
to catch it - none a cage,
to describe it - insufficient is an entire page.

Love is an aromatic concoction,
a tinge of affection and a shade of emotion,
a dash of share,
and a slice of care.

Love is the shower of affection,
it is the rainbow of emotion,
it is sorrow and happiness to share,
it is everlasting concern and care.

Life - what is it?

Life is like a sine wave,
to us which God gave.
Sweet moments - the happier they make,
the faster do they break.
Bad times seem far,
but they hit and go, leaving a scar.
Remember - when happiness is here,
sorrow is somewhere quite near,
but do not fear,
bitterness will cease - soon will come cheer.
A little sugar, a little salt,
life moves on and on without a halt.

Life Cycle

The child is born,
the night is over - here comes morn.
The child weeps, the child laughs,
the child leaps, the child falls.
To get a smile on whose face,
insufficient is an entire army base.
Guess who is the master?

The child begins to grow,
and comes out of the burrow.
The child comes of age,
which the world calls teenage.
The nest becomes too small for growing,
the glamourous world outside seems welcoming.
Guess who is the master?

Armed with a degree in the hands,
set out to conquer the lands.
Hard work has to be done,
the rat race has finally begun.
A lot of money comes into hold,
a family to support - both young and old.
Guess who is the master?

Wisdom has tanned the hair white,
gone are the those days which seemed bright.
Standing upright with the help of a pole,
dragging on life like a worn out sole.
Old age - this is the end,
or is it?
Guess who is the master?

Work is Worship

To an accountant, HE is infinity.
To an artist, HE is dedication.
To an astronomer, HE is the universe.
To a businessman, HE is money.
To a chemist, HE is ideal.
To a craftsman, HE is power.
To a doctor, HE is life.
To an engineer, HE is energy.
To a mathematician, HE is randomness.
To a physicist, HE is nucleus.
To a scientist, HE is spontaneous.
To a sportsman, HE is ambition.
To a student, HE is knowledge.
To a writer, HE is inspiration.
To a child, HE is the mother.
To the needy, HE is the father.
To me, HE is everything.


With leaders like you today,
the fore-runners of Dooms-day,
who are leading us to a dark tomorrow,
full of pain and sorrow.

You organize large yatras,
start functions chanting mantras,
give out lengthy speeches,
and make hundreds of promises.

To lure votes, you throw money,
on which fall people like honeybee on honey.
For those who do not fall into the trap,
you efficiently use the religion gap.

With the pretext of uplifting the downtrodden,
reservations you make and into the bait they have fallen.
Without the three R's off you go,
Mandal, Mandir, Money - the three M's you only know.

You spend government money in crores,
the country's economy full of big bores.
You have ten cars, twenty houses, thirty guards,
hundreds of chelas and chamchas singing your glory like bards.

To favour your well wishers, you very well know,
the bureaucracy full of red tapism aglow.
You fix contracts for large kickbacks,
bridges and buildings fall, killing people in lakhs.

With the intention of signing pacts, you go abroad,
fix deals, mint crores, commit forgery and fraud.
In seconds, you change colour like a chameleon,
you hoard food, and grow like a melon.

You wear a white cap, khadi shirt and white dhoti,
talk of distributing free anaaj-roti,
call yourself a staunch Ghandhiwadi,
manufacture and sell illicit toddy.

To you the common man is best for exploitation,
but you are crossing the limit of toleration,
definitely there will come a revolution,
boom! it will explode and lead to your extinction.

आदमी | किस ओर जा रहे हो?

क्या-क्या चाहता है आदमी,
क्या-क्या चाहता है?
छोटी - मोटी बातों पे झगड़ता है,
सिर्फ अपना जेब ही भरता है | 

क्या-क्या चाहता है आदमी,
क्या-क्या चाहता है?
बड़ा नाम कमाना चाहता है,
पर बुरी आदतों के संग पला बड़ा है |

क्या-क्या चाहता है आदमी,
क्या-क्या चाहता है?
दहेज़ - सोना के लिए शादी करता है,
रिश्वत देकर ही डिग्री हासिल करता है |

क्या-क्या चाहता है आदमी,
क्या-क्या चाहता है?
शानो-शौकत दिखाने के लिए काला सूट पहनता है,
पैरो को ढकने के लिए बाटा बूट पहनता है |

क्या-क्या चाहता है आदमी,
क्या-क्या चाहता है?
पैसा बटोर - बटोर के तिजोरी भरता है,
बेवकुफ ! तू खाली हाथ आता है, खाली हाथ ही जाता है |